Some Days. . .

. . .when you wake up you know it’s going to be an okay day. When I look out my window and see this

Good morning Appril 22!how could the day be anything but perfect.

Despite the fact that I fell on my keister walking down the hill to get this shot
sepia morning - CopyI saw only the beauty of the day ahead.

As I stood there watching the day open before me it continued to amaze and surprise me.
good morning sun 2 - Copy

And this is a place I’ve lived for most of my life. The simple fact that I rise at dawn to enjoy nature’s gifts says a lot about the value of nature. I would estimate that I have tens of thousands of photographs stored on my computer. Yet there are no two alike. If I were to take a picture from my front yard every single day,for the rest of my days, the diversity of those images would be astounding.

So, this is springtime in Vermont. Take the time to grab the gifts of the season as they come your way. It was only a few hours after I took the shots above, that it was pouring rain. While it was less lovely during the rain storm, I was watching out my window as the grass was greening. Enjoy and appreciate all that this time of year has to offer.

best ducks
turkey 3
April 12, 2014 - Copy (2)
signs of spring 5 - Copy
Barton farm
Contrast - Copy

Let every day be an okay day!

Writing Prompt #154

blog wordle

I learned a new word this week:

noun swiv·et \ˈswi-vət\
Definition of SWIVET
: a state of extreme agitation


In honor of this new word the writing task today is to write a story of 100 words or less with this word, SWIVET, as the central idea.

Start writing. . .

Manifesting Ideas

A wonderful new opportunity has come my way and it has me thinking about how new ideas are so easily brought into our lives. In a recent post, Manifesting Spring, I suggested that thinking about and visualizing springlike weather would manifest that weather. That was two weeks ago, and I have to say – take a look out your window. Even though the rain is falling, I can see that my field is nearly clear of snow, except in the shaded corners, tulips are popping up in the garden, the birds are back in full force and I’ve heard the geese returning. So, we do have the power to manifest the things we want or need in our lives.

Last night I attended my first of five writing classes. I was interested in taking this class, first because it is being facilitated by a wonderful person who is a great inspiration to me – author Tanya Sousa. Secondly, I wanted to get back to writing more. . .

For me, more is something different than I have been writing for my blog each week. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE writing for the blog and love getting feedback from readers about what they like to read on the blog, so I will continue that kind of writing. In the past, before blogging was part of my life, I was doing a lot of creative non-fiction and fiction writing. I have four ‘books’ written, in various stages of completion, a multitude of short stories, poems, articles. . .

Due to time constraints I have not been able to spend much time on anything writerly except the blog and work. And that may be the case for awhile longer, but the wonderful thing is that for the next few weeks I will be in Tanya’s writing class, and after the first one I know that I will be manifesting new writing into my life and that is a beautiful thing.

If you had asked me yesterday morning what ideas I had for writing pieces lately I might have been able to tell you 4 or 5 rough ideas. After last night’s class I can tell you dozens! Yes, dozens. This is what happens when six intelligent, witty, and thoughtful women come together in one room. One idea leads to another, and another and another until there are dozens in my head. I am very excited about the possibilities and the writing I am going to manifest over the next few weeks.

As in all great things, you must begin with a single step toward your desire. Once on the journey stay focused on the path, imagine what it will be like once there and bask in the reality you’ve created.

A Passion for Books

I am a reader.

I love to read.

I love books.

I love to talk about reading.

I love to talk about the books I read and ones I haven’t been but want to.

In the present moment I worry about the many young people who do not have a passion for reading because I have found that reading can enhance ones life. I want the young people of today to have fulfilled, happy lives and I wonder if that can happen if they do not embrace the reading experience.

There are many reasons I am passionate about books and reading. Here are a few learnings I’ve taken away from books:

power of one
The protagonist, Peekay, was an amazing character who was dealt a lot of bad cards, yet he remained a person of grit and integrity. He didn’t let others have control over the good person he was.

memooirs of a geisha

An incredibly detailed story about a culture so far removed from my own that it kept me spellbound. AND, author Arthur Golden, whom I heard speak at a conference once, explained that his first draft of the book took 17 years to write, was 750 pages , and he tore it up and started over. THAT, my friends, is dedication to be admired.

cat in the hat
This was one of my all time favorite books as a young girl. I was enthralled by the adventures that happened to the brother and sister when they were left home alone, and it used to spark my imagination and seemed to give me permission to imagine the wildest and craziest of adventures for myself.

the river why

This book – besides having amazing characters, delightful wittiness, and a most interesting writing style – reminds me of one of the times my boys and I connected over good books. I can still hear my youngest laughing out loud to himself as he read it, and me yelling up, “What part was that?”

I am reminded of my childhood and time spent imagining with friends. It also reminds us that we can learn from children how to have grace when faced with diversity.

Reading this book helped me understand the value of having a voice – even if it was only internally. Sometimes that voice in our head is the most important one we can hear.

power of now
Tolle reminds us that we create our own lives, and that the life we want IS possible. A friend, as he handed this book to me, said, “This book changed my life!”

the long walk
painted bird

These three books took me places I hope I will never go. However, the fact that some people have been on these tragic journeys is important for me to know. In order to better understand the world around me, and the people in it, I need to know where time has taken them. I need to know their stories. Through books I can.

Writing Prompt #153

blog wordle

Today I’m keeping it simple: a word.


I encountered this word twice in less than a week, so thought it needed some attention. Have at it – whatever the word brings to mind – write about it!