I am Concerned

I find myself being concerned about a great many things in this world. You may have heard some of this from me in previous posts, but to give you an idea of a few things that concern me in this life:

~the drug commercials that are far too prevalent on television
~the excessive use of cell phones
~traffic accidents caused by the excessive use of cell phones
~people who say “I don’t care”
~the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots”
~lack of accountability

Yet, at the very same time, I try to remain positive and think often about all the amazing and wonderful things this life brings!

That is a paradox at times ~ on the one hand horrible and tragic events occur daily while simultaneously miraculous events are happening.

Positivity usually wins out, but there are times when I simply have to spend time with the concerns, and perhaps figure out a way to accept/cope with/manage/overcome them. I believe in being pro-active ~ in planning ahead to make things work well before problems occur. In the real world that doesn’t always happen.

Change is sometimes necessary ~ often even unavoidable. In trying to be a change agent there are a lot of barriers to overcome. It seems the greatest one is that much of the time people don’t want change to happen. This is what concerns me today: how to manage being an agent for change when surrounded by people who don’t want change.

I’m taking my dilemma to the ‘streets’ so to speak and asking to hear from you. Are you the kind of person who struggles with change? If so, how does it feel when someone is trying to tell you the change MUST happen? Is there a time when someone around you managed change in a way that worked well? Do you have experience as a change agent? What works for you to help move things along?

I look forward to your ideas and know that each one of you will potentially contribute something that will help me move in the right direction. Thank you.


Gratitude #48

This week I am most grateful for the wild creatures who share their habitat with me.

turkey 2
backyard birds 2 - Copy
black dragonfly - Copy
fawn - Copy
fox in june
midge on alert
deer in January - Copy


Having always had a fascination for elephants, I love coming across new and interesting stories about or photos of them.

One of my all time favorite books is Modoc by Ralph Helfer.

It is from this book that I learned elephants are amazing swimmers.

Being a diver myself, I think this looks like a fascinating potential for a vacation.

What got me to share about elephants today was actually a story I heard recently about elephants in Zambia. Being creatures of habit, a new building through their usually territory didn’t stop them from doing what they had always done. I think you’ll enjoy this story of Wonky Tusk and her family.

Perhaps I can manage a two for one vacation – stay at the Mfuwe Lodge AND find a swimming hole to share with the elephants!

At the very least I am inspired to seek out a new elephant story, and there are quite a few to choose from.
What a joy to share this planet with so many incredible forms of life!

elephant painting


Today I only have one small thing to say:
hats off

I have come to realize how challenging your job can be.

And to those of you who GET the grants. . .

TWO hats off to you!

Gratitude #47

Mild Winter Weather! Oh, yeah!

While there is nothing I’d enjoy more than a big old nor’easter, since that is not happening I am overjoyed that the weather has been so mild this winter. I am NOT a fan of deep below zero temperatures, and especially when we have very little snow.

So, as long as it wants to remain in the 40s with a bit of sunshine and blue skies, I will be thankful for it.

Of course, that means much lower heating costs, which I am also thankful for!