I’ve been thinking a lot about change lately, and more specifically, peoples reactions to change.
It seems to me that people generally take one of two stances when it comes to change; they either embrace it and consider it a welcome challenge to benefit from, or they resist it out of fear or a need to feel safe.

I happen to be of the embrace change mindset, and have difficulty understanding those who resist change.

I mean, I understand feeling fear of the unknown – have lived it many times.

And I understand that one can have a sense of being safe with that which is most familiar to them.

I understand there are people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) for whom change would be a significant challenge to cope with.

What I have difficulty understanding is how some people fight even the simplest of changes – like moving a chair in the living room.

Today I am able to embrace change because I am much more in tune with the way I believe the universe communicates with me. Once upon a time I was not so aware of how to ‘read’ messages from the universe and I struggled, sometimes painfully, with understanding how I was being encouraged to move in a certain direction. . .to change.

Now when change comes my way I usually say, “Bring it on!” I am excited as I consider where new ideas, new events, new patterns in my life might take me. And I am okay with not knowing, in the midst of the change, where I will end up. I have learned to trust that life is meant to be lived, and that whatever it is that guides the directions I go in life, I can trust that they are exactly the right directions for me.

And at this moment in time I celebrate where I am and the journey I took to get here.

By Kattie & Asa Smedley

By Kattie & Asa Smedley

Social Experiments

no one reads my wall

Once again, I saw this on facebook, and once again I asked myself “Why?”

Why do people put this as their status? Why?

Let’s start with the first line “No one reads my wall.”

Okay then, why are you even putting this on your wall? Really?

That first line just irritates the heck out of me because it is so self-deprecating and sad.

I never know if I should feel pity or annoyance.

But by the third line the dang thing is trying to convince me that this is all some kind of game.

Like it’s going to turn into fun now that I’m already feeling pitiful annoyance?


Worse yet, the thing suggests it’s a game to “see who reads my wall.”

Well for goodness sake, you already acknowledged that NO ONE READS MY WALL in the first line.

That’s just ridiculous.

I can’t even go one because it’s too ridiculous.

I have to wonder what this has to say about the socialization of America.

Have we gotten to a place where we measure our worth according to how many people respond to a totally ridiculous meme posted as a status on a facebook page?

Why not just ensure that you make yourself feel good by posting something like:

I am AMAZING! Like if you agree!

Just confirm what you’re trying to confirm anyway and don’t make others feel bad that they didn’t do it for you.

Facebook is so full of memes that I’ve begun to wonder if we are morphing into a civilization that will only be able to communicate with these little packaged sets of words.

Imagine this conversation:

I vow to let go of all worries to be light and free.

You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the first one.

I’m not sure if I’m in a bad mood or everyone is annoying.

You must learn to let go, leave the stress. You were never in charge anyway.

Your faces uses more muscles to frown than to smile.

What can I say, I’m addicted to exercise.

If a priest blesses an avocado is it holy guacamole?

Is that confusing, or should I just. . .

facebook meme

Writing Prompt #120



I got a new kitten.

Total cuteness.

Total cuteness.

It requires playthings.

cat toy

I like to make my own playthings.

That’s where the prompt comes in. Today your task is to get creative and ‘build’ a fantastic cat toy!

Use your words to describe what you think would be an awesome cat entertainment system.

Keep in mind I’m looking for something that will entertain Midge for more that 10 seconds.

And I’m hoping someone will be willing to share their creative idea!

Get busy writing and HELP!

Coming Home

I wrote this in June and for some unknown reason never posted it. I will now since today is the first day back at school with kids, and in some ways it feels like “coming home again” after being away from it (mostly) for the last 11 weeks.

The return home from a vacation is an interesting thing.
While vacation is relaxing and unique, with new learning and different ways of going through your days, it is also a leap outside of the day to day routine most of us live with.

One of the reasons we choose to travel in June is to aide with that annual transition school teachers experience between the end of the year and summer vacation. I’ve discovered that an actual vacation right after school ends puts me in vacation mode so when I return I don’t have that feeling of making a big adjustment. I struggled with that for years during the first couple of weeks of summer break; either wandering around the house wondering what to do with myself or booking far too many activities to keep me busy, which often ended up feeling more like work than fun.

Now that we’ve returned home, to the comfort of our own bed, and breezes coming in through the windows so there’s no need for artificially cooled air, it’s a blessed feeling.

Yes, visiting new places and learning about a land and a people much different from oneself is an amazing opportunity and its own blessing. Yet, I think it’s the coming home again feeling that allows us to appreciate those other lands and cultures so much.

Maybe it’s a case of which came first, the chicken or the egg? though in this instance the question is which came first- an appreciation of what you have and so you want to travel and learn about other places? or traveling and learning about other places gives you the appreciation for what you have right at home?

Probably it’s about an equal distribution – a balance between the two. Two opposite forces coming together provide the balance necessary for both things to be appreciated.

Now it’s time to settle into the summer ‘routine’, where there are no alarm clocks (except my internal one), and the days activities are determined by the weather.

What’s the Buzz?

August 16, 2014

Time to check the hive again and see how it is faring with the new queen introduced a couple of weeks ago.

Outward signs seemed hopeful – some drones being carried out, along with a few dead workers and some old larva (remember we had reintroduced the old frame that had all the drone cells on it after we’d frozen it and sprayed it down.)

Capping the honey

Capping the honey

First of all, there is clearly lots of honey getting made. This picture shows a mostly capped frame of the sweetness, which we will leave for winter food for the bees this year.

Busy as a bee!

Busy as a bee!

The most evident thing we noticed is the significant number of worker bees and all those drones we saw a few weeks ago?. . .not so many now. This is a good sign.

Drone and workers

Drone and workers

That is a good image showing the difference between a drone and worker bee – the drone is the larger one and the two workers are to the right.

The Queen, the Queen!

The Queen, the Queen!

This is what we were hoping to see – the Queen – aka Auntie Buzz! It looks like she is alive and well, busy laying eggs for the hive. Hallelujah!

As my husband said, “It looks like we’ve done what a lot of bee keepers haven’t been able to.”

What a blessing. We will be keeping a close eye on her progress throughout the fall.

Pollen collecting

Pollen collecting

The hive is busy and active in many ways, including collecting pollen, as you can see in the photograph above. The bees collect the pollen in hairy sacs on their legs called corbiculae. Bee blogger Rusty Burlew of Honey Bee Suite says this about pollen collection by honey bees:

“Pollen is an essential part of the honey bee diet, providing a wide range of nutrients including protein, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, and minerals.”

So much to learn about bees and from bees! Carry on Auntie Buzz! We are here to support your successful reign.