Yoga Trapeze Training

Those of you who know me well, know that I am infatuated with my yoga trapeze. I purchased it last spring and spend a great deal of time upside down these days after work. It really makes my neck – which has a tendency toward stiffness – feel so much better. It’s been particularly beneficial in this year of a new job that keeps me at my desk and computer more than ever.

As a recently certified yoga instructor I have been dreaming of going to Barcelona to get the teacher training on the yoga trapeze, and . . .

This is the year! I am going to Barcelona in November to train with Yoga Body and become a certified yoga trapeze teacher! Yahoo!

Once completed, I hope to offer classes on the trapeze – trust me – you will LOVE it! Until I get my own studio built (which will have big beams for hanging the trapezes) I will be looking for a location that 1. can accommodate the trapezes, and 2. won’t cost me a fortune to lease, so I can offer reasonably priced classes!

It’s so exciting when you have something to look forward to!

Yoga in Review

February 19, 2017

Thanks to the lovely members of today’s class who were champions of the arms and shoulders today.

The focus of the class today was strengthening the arms and shoulders. We focused on proper alignment in poses that require upper body strength, such as down dog and plank. One of the focal poses of the day was cactus pose.

I’ve linked a great review of the pose here.

Next week:

Muscle and Organic Energy

And there’s us. . .

Though I don’t have much time to write blog posts these days, I have come across interesting videos that I find meaningful. This is one:

Sunday Yoga!

This Sunday morning practice is designed for those new to yoga. The practice will focus on proper alignment, gentle stretching to avoid stiffness and asanas (poses) to improve balance and flexibility.

February 19, 2017
Burke Mountain Clubhouse
9:00 ~ 10:15 am
$10.00/session per person

I hope you can join me!

It’s Awesome – Just Watch!