Moving at a Fast Pace

Over the past few months I feel as though I’ve been neglecting my blog. It’s not a good feeling – I equate it to neglecting a good friend, a spouse, or a child. Blogging has been the thing that has kept me connected to regular writing and when it becomes less regular it is as though something essential is missing.

It certainly isn’t that I don’t have anything to say, it’s more that I haven’t had the time to devote to it recently. Life is so full of many exciting ventures that sometimes what is a priority at any given time becomes part of the ebb and flow of life. Like the ocean’s tide, at times certain aspects of life move closer to shore and at other times some aspects move further away. As most do, I try to ride the current that is life, and recently my blogging is ebbing while my career is flowing. That will change and I must learn to be patient and recognize how the tide is changing in my life.

Since water is the analogy today I will take the time to share some recent pictures I’d taken during a recent outing to Lake Willoughby when the lake was more intimidating than I’ve seen it before. Enjoy, and let them take you on your own journey of recognizing what may be flowing through your own life right now.

821 6 - Copy - Copy
821 21 - Copy - Copy
821 7 - Copy - Copy
821 5 - Copy - Copy
821 9 - Copy - Copy
821 18 - Copy - Copy
821 playing with water and light - Copy - Copy
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The Crystal Coast 2016

The Crystal Coast is an 85-mile stretch of coastline in North Carolina that extends from the Cape Lookout National Seashore, which includes 56 miles of protected beaches, westward to the New River. ~from wikipedia

According to the “Insiders’ Guide: North Carolina’s Central Coast and New Bern,” the Carteret County Chamber of Commerce coined the term “Crystal Coast” to describe the area’s extremely clear waters and brilliant white beaches.

Dave and I first discovered the Crystal Coast about five years ago when we took two weeks to travel from Vermont south, along the eastern shore as far as in Pine Knoll Shores in North Carolina. Read about that trip here.

We so loved the Atlantis Lodge for its convenience and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean we decided to head there again. This time we would drive through, without visiting other places along the way and have 10 glorious days in Pine Knoll Shores at the Atlantis.

On day one, before we even checked in, we headed directly for the beach.
home away from - Copy

Part of the joy of this location is that you can walk the beach for hours in either direction. These are not beaches like Long Sands Beach in York, Maine ~ which I love by the way. The North Carolina beaches are relatively quiet, with few people. At the Atlantis, the resort has it’s own section of beach with beach chairs and umbrellas available. It’s kind of my idea of perfection!

morning at the pier - Copy

The rooms at the Atlantis all face the Atlantic and they all have either a deck or grounds access from the room. We were on the ground floor this time around and enjoyed it very much. In addition to easy access from our room to the beach (actually all rooms have easy access), we enjoyed sitting on the front lawn sipping coffee and watching the birds in the mornings.

alert - Copy
bird watching - Copy
black and blue bird - Copy
bird bath - Copy
Dove - Copy
curiosity - Copy

Though we have our share of beautiful flowers this time of year, the flowers we saw in N.C. were a bit different and fun to photograph.

august blooms in nc - Copy
magnolia - Copy

Across the road from the Atlantis is the Crystal Coast Golf Club, so we spent several late afternoons there. I enjoyed seeing the wildlife and the views on the course as much as I enjoyed playing the game.



unknown species partner - Copy
wildlife in nc - Copy
golf course - Copy

I will share more adventures of our trip later, but all in all, it was a fabulous and very relaxing trip.

Life is Good

Life is Good

I found a sea cell

I love adventures. Most vacations with my husband are sweet adventures – traveling to new places, discovering new things, meeting new people. . .something interesting always happens.

One evening, on the shores of the Atlantic, Dave and I strolled the beach, kind of looking for interesting shells, when I came across a cell phone in the surf. Still on, still working. It’s a Samsung Galaxy S7, by the way – I know that’s what I want for my next phone.

So, I brought it back to our place and tried to get through the pass lock system. No luck. I googled how to get through, watched more than one video on how to ‘hack’ the phone. No luck. I could see a couple of things on the screen – people who had recently sent facebook messages, emails, snapchats, etc. So I looked a couple up on facebook and sent them a message:

I have found a cell phone and your name came up on the screen as sending this person a message. If you have a friend who has recently lost their cell phone please message me back so I can get their phone back to them.

No luck.

I tried charging the phone with my charger and that worked. I was afraid if the power ran out on it, I would never find its rightful owner. After it had been charging for about 10 minutes a message popped up saying “moisture detected”. Hmmm. . .how smart IS a smart phone? So, I decided to put the phone in some rice. . .funny that I happened to have rice with me on vacation, right? That’s another story for another time.

It worked – in the morning I put the phone back on the charger and didn’t get any ore moisture messages. I noticed a new email had come through in the morning and I could see the sender’s email address, so I sent him a message. No luck.

Finally, about 14 hours after finding the phone, the owner called and he was right down the road, so he drove over to our location, picked it up and was VERY happy.

Just so you don’t wonder – he did try to give me $20.00 but I refused. Pay it forward Buddy, pay it forward.


I’ve gone off on a vacation and have limited internet access, so no posting of photos available. When I return I will have a lot to share. In the meantime – for a preview check out an older post that relates – North Carolina!



Traveling Along

I have never liked traveling alone. Anxiety kicks in when I begin to plan to go to a place I’ve never been before ~ only when I go solo. This week I’m sitting in a hotel room in Boston as I write this, and while I was thinking about the day ahead amidst hundreds of strangers, my first thought was feeling a bit uneasy is a good thing.

Usually, day one in unfamiliar territory, I would be doing a lot of self talk – telling myself that I could do this, there was no reason to be anxious, I had done it many times. . .I’m sure many of you know how that works.

Thinking about this anxiety as a good thing is a shift I have made in recent years. This occasion is the first time I recall it being an automatic thought. In the past I have needed the self-talk to get me thinking of anxiety as a positive. I have spent a lot of time reading about it, practicing thinking about it in the positive, and practicing through yoga training.

It has been a multi-year journey and I am overjoyed to recognize this recent success. It stimulated me to venture off on my own in the city a bit this week. Not far ~ around the blocks near the hotel and into Boston Gardens. As I sat in the gardens, near the duck pond, enjoying some people watching time, I was approached by a monk who offered me a “peace card” and amulet for my wrist, along with the promise of peace prayers. He then asked for my name and a ‘pledge’. My husband will not be surprised to learn that I gave him $5.00. In my mind, in this world we live in, even the promise of peace is a step in the right direction.

As I sat there alone, contemplating the busy lives of those around me and pleased to see so many enjoying a walk through the park, or just a brief respite in their day, I wondered what about this place I feared. I suspect some of the fear is grounded in that same world we live in and the atrocious news I see daily ~ violence abounds and the media would lead one to believe that evil people exist in every corner of the world. I am struck by how strongly those ideas have become a part of my thinking, particularly when I have far more experiences in my life that tell me otherwise. Personally I have experienced people with love and empathy in their hearts FAR more than I’ve encountered people who frighten me.

My other fear is the driving ~ in city traffic. This fear comes simply from lack of experience. Bottom line, I AM a country girl ~ loving the quiet peace found in a rural existence. As much as I love going to new places, it’s the getting there that is troubling. Concerns swirl through my mind ~ What if the flight gets delayed? What if I get lost trying to find connections? What if my luggage is lost? What if I lose my wallet? What if, what if, what if. My reasoning mind can tell me that all the what ifs are ridiculous, but that doesn’t stop them from popping into my head.

As I continue my solo travels, because the fear hasn’t ever stopped me from going, I will continue the self talk, and will continue venturing out and exploring new places. So, next time I see a yoga class of 50 people, with the instructor blasting her instructions through huge speakers, I will find out how I can get in on her next class. Afterall, I am a work in progress.

Boston yoga