Celebrating with a Pro!

Last Thursday was our anniversary. Because we like to celebrate important occasions such as this (truth is we like to celebrate any occasion), we decided to treat ourselves. We had already planned a long weekend trip around Lake Memphremagog – a new adventure.

We drove to Jay Peak mid morning and hiked the mountain before checking in at the new Tram Haus Lodge. This was a beautiful place to stay!

By chance we saw an advertisement for a golf lesson at the Jay Peak course. It included a 9 hole lesson with the pro, AND a cart! Woohoo! This sounded like fun, and something we both really needed. 🙂 The cart made it especially celebratory.

Never having played at Jay it was something new and we’re always excited about something new. So I booked it. Happy Anniversary to us!

Now let me share the experience with you.

David Jankowski was our instructor and we found him to be very amenable. It had to be a bit challenging to instruct two of us at once, but he rose to the challenge and devoted equal time to each of us.

We began with a bag of balls on the driving range – warming up on our own. David joined us and observed quietly for a few moments before we headed to the first tee. We teed off and the pro started right in with advice. Though we’ve been playing for a few years, he covered some of the basics – stance, alignment, swing – with new information for us.

Here he is modeling the swing.

We continued to play 6 holes before he suggested we head back to the driving range where he would do some videos of us and offer suggestions for things to practice once we were on our own.

Before I continue I want to share some of the beauty of this course.

I loved that no matter where we were on the course we had a view of the mountain. Gorgeous.

Back at the driving range the pro shot videos of us with his ipad. Then he could drag a line showing our starting position and as the video played in slow motion we could see where we were going ‘out of alignment’. It wasn’t a pretty picture, but it was a very telling one. It was clear – Dave needs to stop moving up and down, and I need to stop swinging my hips all over the place. That’s just for starters.

In that two hour lesson we learned a ton and left with a list of things to focus on. Some of my ‘things to remember’ include widening my stance, standing closer to the ball, and maintaining a taller stance through my swing. Oh, and “keep the Y” when I putt. That has already proven helpful.

All around, from the lodging, the views, and the quality of the instruction, Jay Peak is all Pro. We would definitely celebrate there again.

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