2018 Calendar!

NO, I haven’t forgotten to put together a Sweetwater Lane 2018 calendar! I have been working on it ferociously between my day job, my coursework, my yoga classes, my granddaughter, and family! WHEW, there’s a lot going on, and I love it. Life is such a great adventure.

So, here it comes – 2018! I’ve included the photographs you can expect to see in the new calendar below. Leave a comment here, or connect with me on Facebook or via email if you would like to order one, or two, or three. They do make great gifts for anyone who is passionate about the beauty of the Northeast Kingdom. This year’s price is the same – $20.00 each/$5.00 shipping and handling.

East Darling Hill Home

East Burke Dam – End of an Era

Burke Mountain Academy

Sugarhouse Road Colors

Pete’s Pond – Burke Hollow Road

Sweetwater Lane – Rainbow’s Begin & End

The Year of the Eagle

The Grass is Greener on Darling Hill

The Colors of Willoughby

Passing Through the Neighborhood

The Sweetest Sunrises are on Darling Hill

The Kelly Place on Darling Hill

View at Mountain View