Gratitude #24

As I sit working at my computer at 10:30 on a Sunday morning I hear another ‘Garden Party’ going on near my garden.

“Garden Parties’ are what I call gatherings of people or critters down by my garden. It happens quite often.

On this morning it is a group of about a dozen male bikers who have gathered there for photos and, I believe, a celebratory shot of something, from the sounds of it.

They are happy sounds – words of appreciation for the place, the day, the opportunity to be out together enjoying life.

That’s the way I feel most days around my place and it makes my heart glad to know that others enjoy it as well.

Today I am most thankful for the wonderful place I live and joyful that others can appreciate it.

Maybe I will put a picnic table down there, by the garden.

garden party in september - Copy


this way - Copy

Gratitude #21

Today, and EVERY day, I am thankful for my husband!

guests 3 - Copy

That’s his handsome self.

I so appreciate him for so many reasons. Let me count the ways:

~he lets me be me
~he will stop to ask for directions
~it is rarely necessary for him to stop to ask for directions
~he does his share around the house, and MORE
~he enjoys being active and living a full life
~he has a strong work ethic
~he is a nature lover
~he is smart
~he has a great sense of humor
~he listens to me vent and doesn’t try to fix things for me
~because he respects that I am perfectly capable of fixing my own stuff
~he goes along with my whims
~he drives me around for photo shoots
~and responds when I yell STOP!
~he has four great kids that have supported him in his new life with a new wife
~he is a lifelong learner
~he is a good listener
~he supports my family as if they were his family
~he is respectful
~he married me – *sigh*
~. . .

Love you honey! XOX

Gratitude #20

Overnight with a bunch of teenagers!

I know. You’re probably thinking, has she lost her mind???

It has been awhile since I have done this, but back in the day I went on many, many trips with middle school students and I have to tell you, they are a lot of fun.
My experience with most teenagers is that they are very open. This group we had overnight, and the bunch that joined us the following day (for a total of 98) were no exception. One of the first opportunities they had when we arrived on site was some high ropes challenges – basically swinging through the air or climbing a 30 foot wall and zip lining down.

Many did not hesitate, harnessed up, and flew. Some were very clear that they had height “issues”, but were willing to be swayed by watching their friends. A few said flat out that they wouldn’t get off the ground period, but were happy to assist the others. They put where they stood right out there and I appreciated that.

The excitement of coming together as a new group lets us feel a part of something bigger than ourselves and that is what I am grateful for today.