Gratitude #21

Today, and EVERY day, I am thankful for my husband!

guests 3 - Copy

That’s his handsome self.

I so appreciate him for so many reasons. Let me count the ways:

~he lets me be me
~he will stop to ask for directions
~it is rarely necessary for him to stop to ask for directions
~he does his share around the house, and MORE
~he enjoys being active and living a full life
~he has a strong work ethic
~he is a nature lover
~he is smart
~he has a great sense of humor
~he listens to me vent and doesn’t try to fix things for me
~because he respects that I am perfectly capable of fixing my own stuff
~he goes along with my whims
~he drives me around for photo shoots
~and responds when I yell STOP!
~he has four great kids that have supported him in his new life with a new wife
~he is a lifelong learner
~he is a good listener
~he supports my family as if they were his family
~he is respectful
~he married me – *sigh*
~. . .

Love you honey! XOX