Battle of the Spouses

So, I play this game with my husband, though he isn’t aware of the game. He opens doors, cupboards, drawers and I close them.

That’s it – very simple really. It feels very competitive, but no one ever wins. It’s a game that can drag on and on – I’ve been playing it for years now. It’s funny that he doesn’t know he’s playing. I am hoping one day he will stop playing, because in reality I get quite fed up with the game at times.

However, the other day, I just had to laugh about it. There I was closing the closet door for the umpteenth* time that day alone, and it struck me as hilarious that this game has gone on for so long. I have often wondered what it is about my spouse that causes him to resist (refuse?) to close doors and drawers that he’s opened. And yes, of course, I’ve also wondered about myself and what it is about me that insists they be closed. I mean, to me it’s obvious – if all the kitchen cabinet doors were left open it would be a dangerous place to walk into – risking harm to a variety of bodily parts.

Perhaps my husband considers it efficient, to keep the doors open, which could save time and energy when you needed something from the cupboard. If that is the case then why have doors on the cupboards at all? Take them all off and go with the open look. (Lord, please no – don’t let him even suggest this!)

I prefer the look of a neat and tidy space with doors all closed (to hide the mess behind, most likely). Maybe it’s a holdover from my childhood and throwing everything behind the closed closet door when told to clean my room. Was I the only one with fingers crossed, holding my breath, hoping that my mother wouldn’t check the closet when she inspected my room?

Anyhow, the way I see it is that I have two choices here: either get upset and have a fit about the doors being left open or just continue to close them and laugh a bit to myself each time I do.

*Definition of umpteen

: very many : indefinitely numerous

umpteenth play \-ˌtēn(t)th, -ˈtēn(t)th\ adjective