Saturday, September 21, 2019

10 tips for practicing meditation

For those who have not yet and want to try to feel the slightest happiness and good benefits. From Meditation Today, we have a few tips that will make your meditation practice easier.

1. Align the posture correctly

True that everyone is cross-border To think But sitting right is to ensure that you just sit with that one just because our body is connected to the mind. If you are sitting, bent your mind will fly away. Not with meat and body But you do not sit very well To sit as we relax best.

2. Open eyes, meditate

Sometimes meditating Do not always need to close your eyes You can open your eyes But change the scene to look lower Three points to target it Because some of the people closed their eyes once, they feel distracted the brain full of stories, but it depends on everyone what method works better.

3. Determine to know the breath

Breathing out decision Is the position of the conscience determined To keep our mind on what is currently Don't be struck by other things But we don't have to apply the breath Just let it be natural.

4. Count the breaths in-out

Counting in and out breaths It's a way of thinking from ancient times When you land, start counting one in your heart. The next is two, three, four, respectively But whenever you feel your thoughts are going off you come back and start counting again. So you give the mind back to the original place.

5. Control the mind not to disturb

When you feel you are thinking that the mind will be interfered with, gradually eliminate these ideas. By focusing on determining breath Do not try to stop immediate thinking. Because it will communicate you and you will not be able to return to concentration.

6. Eliminate all emotions

It is difficult to think through your mind is full of emotions. Because emotions can cause stories in the mind, especially anger, fear, and sadness, do not leave you at the moment. Or with what is right for you now You manage the emotions that occur through breathing to the feeling of the body. The body that controls that part of the mood will make you not to think of stories that make you afraid or angry again but instead focus on what you currently have.

7. Silence, the source of peace

You should think quietly. To relieve mind Not to pay attention to the people, the sounds or the other things associated with it. As silence comes silent and feeling safe Whenever the external and internal silence is coming together You will feel rest and your mind will be. Relax from thoughts that were constantly interrupting you

8. Time to meditate

Once you start thinking, you can try to sit for about 10 minutes and then gradually increase. Until you feel more at peace But don't force yourself to sit too long if you are not ready. But about 25 minutes because it's not time to detect the pain and Body distortion.

9. Places to meditate

The place and atmosphere can help you think better. The reflection in the Buddha's room will help to calm the mind and reflect. Or you can keep things as small as you like or relax around. You can think of.

10. Have fun with meditation

If someone is doing something happy, we will do it well. And I think we need to continue. In addition to reflection If you are willing to reflect, You will be calm, at ease and would like to continue. So far it can be done as a daily routine


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