Sunday, September 22, 2019

Cache pot with suspension for indoor plants and flowers

Wondering where to put indoor plants if your house does not empty with a lot of light? The answer is simple. Find the option vertically.

For my favourite plant (2), I used a window sill (4), a handmade metal shelf (1) and a wooden shelf embedded in 20 elongated steel pyramids. Two pots in the store.

However, some plants were still not enough, since they remained without the desired lighting. Therefore, you need to speed up.

If there are not enough shelves, you can make a pot with your own hands. Suspension can be made of thick thread, rope or rope, plastic tape and a piece of cloth.

For weaving hanging pots, you can use the macrame method that adds fun to the interior. Do not forget that pots with excess water need a beach.

This port can be placed on a heating pipe or on a window through which a specially installed cornice passes. The cord allows you to adjust the port height above the thread (3).

Green corners
If you have a balcony or loggia, you should take advantage of the balcony to create green corners in this area, depending on your tastes and tastes. And you have to approach this problem with illusions. Here are some ideas for shelf location options that you can use to grow seedlings or houseplants.

The most practical is the wooden floor. What do you do? First of all, prepare the material for work: wooden slats with a thickness of 0.8 to 1 cm and a width of 5.

The length depends on the size of the room.

To fix the wooden grid on the concrete wall, a rod (round cork built into the wall) is used. Special holes are drilled in the walls. Vertical slates are glued to round bars with self-tapping screws. Then the horizontal railings are attached. This design supports the installation of pots with flowers and plants.

If necessary, a grid made of stacked chipboards 1 can be attached to the grid. In this embodiment, the dividing wall of the balcony or loggia is the main element for the arrangement of coloured flowers.

It consists of individual pots in the form of a lattice box hanging on a vertical partition wall. Each box is attached to the wall by a hook, and the slats above and below are horizontal bars. The entire floral ensemble is grouped around the bright inflorescence of plywood petals. One side of the plant was placed on the corner of the balcony of the shelf, the other on a folding table.

Another interesting decorative approach, which can be seen in Figure 2, using ordinary wooden slats, separate walls are divided into parts, with each houseplant arranged in square and semicircle. Or pot.

The decor is cut from plywood and complemented by coloured petals attached to the slats. The balcony deck has a special bracket hanging from the box with climbing plants.

All wood structures were carefully polished and then coated several times with varnished colours. And it should be noted that for the convenience of plants located in the south, bright containers are needed to prevent overheating.


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