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Guide and Ideas of Outdoor LED Bars

Outdoor Bars: A feature guide and ideas for lighting outdoor spaces through the installation of Outdoor LED Bars.

Proper lighting of the garden with outdoor LED bars means you have space to live fully on hot summer evenings, as well as an environment where you can move safely in the hours when sunlight is not sufficiently visible.

When we talk about the garden we are only referring to private environments, but also to those structures that must be visible even at night.
Consider, for example, a bar, hotel or campsite, which can find illuminated lighting elements in outdoor LED bars, to create a recommended atmosphere, and to clarify signs that increase their visibility.

The driveway and garden are the first elements that your guests will notice when you arrive at your home, so the design of these spaces deserves special care. Using LED strips and bars for outdoor use will make a major contribution to greater prestige and elegance to the overall context.

1 Strisce LED e Barre LED per Esterno
1.1 Grado di Protezione
2 Caratteristiche Delle Barre LED per Esterno
2.1 Barre LED Dimmerabili
2.2 Barre LED Luce Calda, Naturale e Fredda
3 Idee con le Barre LED per Esterno
3.1 Illuminazione Vialetto con Barre LED per Esterni
3.2 Illuminazione Prato Perimetrale con le Barre LED per Esterno
3.3 Come to illuminare il gazebo con le Barre LED per Esterni
3.4 Illuminare l’ambiente piscina con Barre LED Impermeabili

1 Strisce LED e Barre LED per Esterno

The LED strips on the outside are flexible print circles made with SMD LEDs. The number, but above all, the quality of the lights on the zone will help to give high power or less to each LED feature, which is pictured in Lumen.

However, the size of the chip on tape will not be the only element that influences this value, as the strength of the materials and the precautions taken when processing power will have a significant weight. Final efficiency of all outdoor light fixtures.

The Lumen / Watt ratio is given instead of efficiency, as the ability to convert the absorbing energy into luminous power. The higher the value, the greater the energy savings offered by the LED LED Strip.

LED strips from the outside can be flexible or rigid. Their flexibility is often a characteristic of which they prefer rigid models if they need to be adjusted to the curves in the setpoints. As we will see later, this is not always the best option, as mechanical changes can affect the welding and damage the coating of resin protection.

1.1 Grado di Protezione

Here we analyze another very important point about all-LED exterior lighting: protection against dust and liquids. Because these elements are intended for outdoor spaces, it is clear that sufficient levels of protection are needed.

The different levels of protection are indicated by an IP code that in case of use outside LED strips can be no less than IP67. Where the luminaires are designed for illuminated ground lighting, they will adopt IP68 LED beams for dive lighting (in basins or swimming pools) or with spray water is proposed to select features with an IP69 level of protection.

For the LED strips outdoors to resist water infiltration and moisture sufficiently, resin protection process under the strips, with the coating with suitable mixtures. To increase their durability and make them more aesthetically pleasing, the LED bands are inserted into aluminium profiles.

This allows LED beams from outside to provide maximum resistance without the risk of damage to the welding and protective resin. This is one of the reasons why they will be selected for linear lighting and for those with separate caves.

Meeting specialist companies will be able to have custom LED beams and corner LED beams, which can perfectly fit any external lighting project for prestigious sides.

2 Caratteristiche delle Barre LED per Esterno

As we just said, the outdoor LED bars are made up of exterior LED strips that are inserted into aluminium profiles, which can be U-shaped or L-shaped. stand that makes it perfect for lighting external stairs, lawn perimeter, sidewalk, avenues, borders and an internal surface of a pool and gazebo.

Even the external facade of the house can be illuminated and improved with the use of external LED aluminium beams placed above the entrance door, under the window hinges, in the canopies and in the shelters.

The aluminium profile gives this linear exterior lighting system greater versatility, making it easier to install. It also lets you channel the light flux to precise points and therefore offer a backlight effect that helps to give precision to the outside space while providing you with better visual comfort.

Among the benefits offered by outdoor LED beams compared to simple external LED strips, we also find a better distribution of the heat that the aluminium profile can offer and which translates into greater durability over time.

The presence of the aluminium profile also contributes greatly to the appearance of the body of the exterior lighting. This profile is often anodized, leaving the LED beams outside of an elegant and versatile design widely appreciated by lighting designers to illuminate gardens and parks of luxury locations.

2.1 Barre LED Dimmerabili

It is impossible to select LED beams to adjust the light intensity, adjust it to the real need with the help of a home automation system. In this way, it is possible to create the perfect atmosphere for every event and increase the energy savings already associated with using LEDs, compared to any other conventional lighting feature.

The wide range of dimmers these dimmers offer offers far more energy than is possible with compact fluorescent lamps. This is because, unlike the latter, the total luminous efficacy of LED beams can be less than 1%, while compact fluorescent lamps do not exceed 10%.

By adjusting the light intensity of the outside LED bars with dimmers, the same brightness in the same room may vary depending on the application. For example, the area around the gazebo gives maximum visibility in the hours as we gather around the table for dinner with relatives and friends, and then reduce the angles as we go around the gazebo to enjoy the cool summer breeze. and talk.

By selecting non-flamed LED beams, it is also possible to adjust the light intensity as required. Extremely bright LED beams, which light up at sunset to illuminate nights with friends, can be turned into LED lights with soft light during hours when the lawn is used for relaxation and excitement. exercise peace after work.

2.2 Barre LED Luce Calda, Naturale e Fredda

For colour temperature, the external LED bar can illuminate, the radiation pole is neutral or cold. The temperature is expressed in degrees Kelvin (K) after the system:

under 3300 K hot light in yellow/orange;

natural or neutral light between 3300 K and 5300 K in bright colours;

over 5,300 kt of cold light in blue.

The outdoor LED bar is used to illuminate all these environments where it is important to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. We find waterproof LED beams that are used to illuminate amusement parks, swimming pools, facades, pedestrian paths and driveways around the lawn, and in every outdoor environment where light yellow/orange tones reduce.

Neutral light is not used heavily in lighted LED beams. Radiating light beams, such as the sun's breeze, usually have visual effects similar to those created during the daytime, so intelligent lighting is taken from outer space. evening classes.

Cold light is the one that gets less support in garden lighting with LED beams outside. Because these types of lights can accentuate lines and materials to the detriment of colour, outdoor LED beams can only be used in modern garden lighting in situations involving cement, glass and metal.

3 Idee con le Barre LED per Esterno
3.1 Illuminazione Vialetto con Barre LED per Esterni

Did you mean to illuminate the driveway with something other than streetlights, lanterns, candles and spotlights? Using external LED beams to create modern and functional brands could be the ideal solution.

In this case, it is good to pay attention to the LED beams outside to cover the horizontal. The optimum resistance of the recessed LED rods makes them perfect for grounding. By taking advantage of the ability to get LED light fixtures tailored to shape and length, you can create safe paths by collecting them perpendicular to a certain distance between them.

If the edge of the path is slightly elevated concerning the lawn, it is also possible to use rigid LED beams with L or U aluminium profiles to mount on the path edge with a beam of light towards the green area for excellent design and less visual pollution.

If the path is limited by a low wall or even just a small masonry site, you can consider creating contemporary design luminaires by spreading waterproof LED beams on the wall or in the raised frame.

If you want more indirect light distribution, you can opt for U-shaped LED beams that prevent glare from the roadway lighting. Lighting designers also appreciate this latter solution for securing routes that include stairs or minor irregularities along the entrance of prestigious villas.

3.2 Illuminazione Prato Perimetrale con le Barre LED per Esterno

Undoubtedly, the green space is a pillar of outdoor space and its lighting deserves special care. An excellent opportunity to turn green areas into places with a special atmosphere when the sunlight gives artificial light could be to install LED light bars across the lawn.

This solution gives you a double advantage. Not only does the outdoor LED beam perfectly illuminate relaxation on cool summer evenings, but it also gives the green area a modern and stylish design.

3.3 Come to illuminare il gazebo con le Barre LED per Esterni

The undisputed protagonist of every green space, the gazebo is the ideal place for quiet and relaxing evenings outdoors. Great for dinners and grilling with friends on summer evenings, the gazebo can also be used for special occasions such as receptions, anniversaries and weddings.

It is therefore important to illuminate it with elements that can provide maximum functionality while ensuring proper design. A solution that combines visual comfort with a modern and sleek look could be external LED strips positioned along the entire perimeter of the roof, combined with outdoor LED beams that can be placed in the centre of the structure as minimal chandeliers.

The low brightness strip gives the garden a very sophisticated touch, while the high-brightness LED bar on the table provides an ideal atmosphere for dining under the gazebo.

Dinners and evenings with friends are even more enjoyable without annoying nighttime insects. One of the special features of LED lights is actually the transmission of radiation lights without ultraviolet rays. This feature makes outdoor LED beams less attractive to mosquitoes and moths.

Instead of creating a softer and more ideal atmosphere for evening chats, it is possible to opt for sideways outdoor LED beams that are perfect if the gazebo has armchairs or a small lounge area. This solution helps to create a special reference angle, even for special occasions, possibly enriched by LED beams placed at the entrance of the gazebo, creating a kind of illuminated arc.

3.4 Illuminare l’ambiente piscina con Barre LED Impermeabili

The space in front of the pool is undoubtedly one of the elements that make the room the most appealing, both in private environments and in buildings such as hotels, gyms or spas. In the evenings, the illuminated swimming pool where you can swim, while surrounded by thousands of reflections from the LED-illuminated bars that create stunning water views, is a welcoming invitation that guests of prestigious hotels and spas can't resist.

For this reason, it is extremely important in both private environments and structures that special attention is paid to designing a lighting system that allows the entire area to be utilized in the evening and gives the outdoor space a dreamlike atmosphere, a result that gets more when you install an outdoor LED bar.

An ideal lighting project could include:

extensive pool lighting;
swimming pool lighting;
inner brightness.
Extensive pool lighting is installed at strategic points, providing adequate lighting that can provide safety even at night.


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