Monday, September 16, 2019

Ideas for a small garden

Do you think your garden is too small? It's not a problem ... here's how to do it all! Play with layers, choose the right fence, share the space and use the right plants. And many other tips for the layout of your small garden.

Dare to create different levels

Increasing a heavy amount, like the one above, in masonry beans, will give you comfort for what was initially flat. Additional benefits: Plants are more accessible, better exposed to light and grow faster. And above all, it's an opportunity to put good soil in the garden.

Treat the fence as a decorative element

In a small garden, it is best to cover the fence with plants, move the boundaries and give an idea of the surface. But when it is impossible, on the contrary, it is better to play and make it a powerful element of the garden. The wall was painted bright red, which made this patio a little sad.

Look after all the details

After adding these three wooden beams, it is literally transformed into a diagonally placed garden in the middle of the lawn (Fig. 1). They take a step but take a look.
DJ concepts: Do not add material. Two or three types are the most common in a small garden. Here, for example, the wood is grey in colour and the metal is painted. The rust pots take on the colour of the wood.

Mount the branches

To get the most space, cut off all the lower branches of your tree (Photo 2). You must be able to transmit freely. It can bring more light to the ground and there is a possibility to plant more.
DJ concept: You can also cut some branches of wood while maintaining a simple silhouette so that the light of the garden penetrates better.

Optimize the space of your small garden

In Figure 3, a wall equipped with bench was included. He gained a lot of space in the garden. Without having to start building such a sophisticated seat, you can provide just enough "top of the wall" to sit on it.

Make the space versatile

In this small garden, the dining room includes a dining room, a play area for children in a sandbox and a relaxation area. The trick is to hide the sandbox at the bottom of the bridge. Once hidden, this space can suit many people. Yellow walls also serve as a booster seat.

Conceal the boundaries and divide your garden

Strangely, a garden looks as big as it is divided into dogs and nooks. And the less we see the fences, the more we realize that space is unlimited ... the surface of this garden planted with dense has no more than 150 m2. Yet, it seems to double!

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