Monday, September 23, 2019

Ideas for Viller Outdoor Lighting

Looking for ideas for villa outdoor lighting? In this guide, you will find useful tips and suggestions for combining appearance and functionality.

The exterior lighting of the villa is in fact based on a perfect balance between the two elements.

on the presence of external lighting plays an important role in the completion of the furniture and the style that you want to give your home, the exterior lighting is essential.

The exterior lighting of the villas emphasizes objects, walls and materials, helping to create a warm and ambient environment. The warm light in the villa's facade system changes the atmosphere and welcomes us back home, which makes us immediately feel safe.

The exterior lighting of the villas can favour decorating and enhance particularly beautiful architectural or landscape structures, or they can be practical and make the space more comfortable.

The villa's garden lighting needs to be handled with care, in fact, this is an environment dedicated to relaxation and well-being, spending pleasant moments outdoors. You can create solutions with post lights, lanterns or spotlights to make your garden the ideal villa landscape.

Wool Outdoor Lighting: The benefits of LEDs for villas.

LED bulbs have several features that make them functional, efficient and long-lasting and help with modern garden lighting in outdoor villas.

In addition to providing a better quality light, durability and energy savings than traditional LED bulbs, LED Module Outdoor Lighting allows you to choose between design, sophisticated and high performance.

Also, the beam of light provides complete control over the point or area you want to illuminate, thus avoiding the blinding effect that is inevitable with others.

Prices for these types of LED garden luminaires are higher, but as in all cases, quality costs, and in our case, we save more with higher performance in both billing and maintenance.

Via Ville Lighting: Creating a safe and exciting path

To illuminate an outside road that is not too wide, you can select underground or slightly protruding spotlights. There are two types of them, ie horizontal or vertical. The former can radiate lights from multiple angles, giving life to the illumination of villas on poor scales: they emphasize the path by creating soft and sensitive light.

In contrast, recessed spotlights with vertical projection are well suited for illuminating streets lined with trees, as if used without refractive index, they would cause excessive light pollution and unnecessary light scattering. To illuminate trees in the corridors of the villa, as well as throughout the garden, picket floodlights that are more flexible and directional to plant growth may be considered.

If, on the other hand, you want a stronger light effect, you can set garden luminaires for your hallway lighting or something as stylish as Design Lanterns for contemporary garden lighting.

Wool in facade lighting: a unique aesthetic effect

Another area/element that significantly contributes to the outdoor lighting of the villas is the facade lighting.

If you want to bring out some details of a modern or even ancient villa façade, you can use different light points.

To illuminate the exterior facade, it is necessary to assess on a case-by-case basis according to the characteristics of the structure. You can use LED floodlights that illuminate the façade from the bottom to the top, with the perimeter lighting in the attic or vice versa with the light from above.

To enhance the stone facade, recessed floor lamps in the outdoor lighting of villas are ideal because they emphasize valuable materials. Alternatively, it can be used as spotlights to illuminate the stone walls of appliqués with a double beam of light for a truly spectacular look.

The last solution that emphasizes the façade structures is just the outside LED beams, which, with their linear illumination, are well suited for tracking the features of the façade, for example by placing windows inside and/or below the entrance door.

Light points should also be examined to illuminate the entrance. If you have a balcony above the door, you can place floodlights in this area for a very stylish top-down villa lighting.

The exterior or modern exterior lighting of the villa requires a special eye for design, which has been carefully studied in terms of layout and the number of different light points with the right colour tone, to rely on a lighting expert.

Parks and gardens of the villa

Every self-respecting villa has a garden, or rather a park, big or small. The lighting in these areas provides functional lighting for the hallway and living area as well as decorative lighting elements such as trees, flower beds and fountains that characterize this outdoor space.

The outdoor streetlights of the villas must follow their style. So in rustic villas, you use wrought iron garden lamps, and in modern villas, there is nothing better than modern garden lamps.

The latter can be used for outdoor pool lighting, barbecue area, children's play area, patio or porch and whenever it is needed for well-distributed and functional garden lighting.


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