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Relax and design your home. How to create comfort in the home - Personal experience tips. Indoor flowers

When coming home from work, everyone feels that his atmosphere of complete harmony, comfort and peace is governed. If you don't feel it in your apartment - then this is the right signal to take action.

When it comes to interior design, experts say that making your home comfortable is not so difficult, some general rules need to be followed. Consider more details.

Make every home comfortable
Really comfortable living space should suit all tenants' wishes. In a comfortable home, trusted associates are always smiling, cheering, at peace and welcoming and just the mood of guests. By living in this national environment, all ideas and dreams of a homeowner can go forward. Here are some features to consider when creating the comfort of your own home:

Colour range of all cells;

Places, especially kitchens and bathrooms;

Windows location features, internal space distribution, layout;

Cleaning time while maintaining ease;

Detect a pleasant odour and remove unpleasant things

Indoor tree location

Providing homes with music to create a comfortable environment.

How professional designers create home-brownness has been effective so far. However, by following these principles you can bring a comfortable environment to your apartment and achieve your dream of returning to his or her workplace every day.

Windows works
Often campus homes are very slow and dark - this creates a frustrating situation, causing frustration and frustration among residents. To resolve this situation, you must carefully clean the dirt and dust window and then install a light coloured screen. If the family budget allows, you can replace Windows with a new one.

After such changes, the rooms in the room should be filled with sunlight, so that our mood is better. You can provide window space by adding beautiful small indoor plants to the windows.

Indoor plants
Any home has to have indoor plants as they not only provide the comfort and warmth of the home but also make the oxygen you need and use. Speaking of homegrown trees in the house, first of all, this is a flower house. Which colour should you choose for a home?

Designers recommend picking flowers of similar colours, including furniture and wall walls. Many beautiful flowerpots fit with small flowers for window seals. It would also be nice to see tall trees on the floor in large flowerpots.

About colour choices

How to choose a colour solution to really make your home comfortable? The colour scheme sets the overall mood of the room. Do you rest at home with white or black walls? And maybe you're attracted to bright colours: red, orange, green? The flowers are considered fashionable and genuine, but the human mind is tired of them. With hours of bright colours in the room, one can become angry and nervous.

It's great to design a room with soft, muted colours. The best option is always a combination of brown and light. It also suits the use of pale blue, grey in the room. These colours will definitely create a cosy atmosphere in the room and will guarantee anyone who is there at the right time.

Broadcasting room for antiques and furniture distribution
We often keep things old because they are good enough to throw them away or when there is no time for them. Make sure you not only leave lots of useful space by saving your home from unnecessary things but also making room and lounge.

Once the room has more space, you may want to think about the furniture and other interior components. Visual planning is a big help in this case, so try re-arranging the furniture in the room on a piece of paper and work it out with everyone. Changing the arrangement of furniture and other items is an effective way to increase the comfort of your home, and you can often hold such events, for example, every six months.

Relax in the kitchen
The kitchen is an important part of the house, where we spend a lot of time and relaxation, talking with family and friends. This is why resting in the kitchen is important.

It is important that all kitchen appliances and appliances are kept simple and do not disturb the space. The painting that suits most things is perfect for this;
There are some hooks on the wall in the kitchen for towels and other small items;
Soaps, detergents, brushes - these are all easier to keep in the kitchen cabinet, but not on the table near the sink;
Trash should always be in the hands, but not in the eyes of everyone;
The comfort of the kitchen is achieved by installing furniture and small TV furniture.
About the bathroom

While you should not store all your equipment for water treatment in your bathroom, it is best to hide it in small boxes or bed tables. When you exit the door, there should be a special floor mat on the front of the bathroom.

If the home has a lot of muscle, it is worthwhile to provide a small corner or box for each separate towel, washcloth and other items to stay. When choosing a bathroom colour, you need to choose the standard blue or blue colour, which can be successfully combined with white

Often, these home design tests allow you to find the right options to create a comfortable environment.

This is what happens - you come to visit and it looks clean and light at home and the style can be explored but uncomfortable. Or vice versa - the house doesn't seem anything special, but it's still comfortable, well you don't want to leave. What is the comfort of home? What's up? Is it just hospitality?

If the house is good
For those who are satisfied with the interior style, it is easy to understand just how comfortable and comfortable a home can be. There are many workshops and lectures related to writing articles about how to find comfort at home. However, the issue is still relevant. This article has all sorts of tips and tricks on how to find comfort in your own home.

The consistency of the room is simple with the interior but is made by adding the necessary items. Products are available in virtually any store for the comfort of a home. For example, the simple screen chosen by the rules can create the right atmosphere in the room, and if we do not adapt to a common situation, it will only increase the chaos.

If the cells are small
If the houses are small, you need to carry these things at the extra weight. It is good to ask for an economical but viable option, where all lockers and shelves are practically viable and the location is considered as efficient as possible. No need to hang a heavy multi-layer screen in a small room, just a simple sweet screen is enough.

Flowers as a comfort item at home
If a window stick is provided, a small pot with a flower will be appropriate. But if you're deer and dry, don't need "fresh flowers", you don't need to empower yourself and try to be an instant flower. Dry, bizarre trees only make the impression worse. In this case, choose small flowers of artificial flowers, especially ones that can be placed not only in the window but at the top of the cabinet.

If you are into noticeable flowers, when they come to you for advice on growing different house plants and shrubs, you know how to create restraint in your home and those flowers always set a positive mood. The original flower pots, as well as the plants that stand out for them, will give the room the freshness and beauty of artificial butterflies and ladybugs.

Accordingly, if you have a large house, you can choose any tree - even the talc tree in the tub and the shy violet in the small pot. In this case, you just need to choose the right place where the flowers will look most beneficial. If your cells do not differ in size, choose medium-sized and small-sized trees. And remember about this number - the many flower reps of a tree can turn your home into an arboretum, and it certainly won't profit.

Comfortable windows
In addition to the colours to decorate windows, your window needs a decent-screen layout. One of the main conditions is to choose a window that respects the general style of the home. For example, if Japanese extremism exists in your home, the heavy multi-layer screen will look very inappropriate, even if ordinary paper blinds don't fit the interior of the interior.

Lighting should be effective in any room. For example, in the kitchen, a bright light is important, and in the bedroom, it should be soft, intimate.

Bright and bright lighthouses should be:

Bathrooms and toilets;
Soft, diffused light is preferred for bedrooms and dining rooms. In the living room, like the children's rooms, it is good to have the opportunity to change the lighting, both light and soft.

The entrance
How does a comfortable home begin? It's right out of the hallway. Even from the front door and doormat. Today you can buy a complete fence: with inscriptions, pictures and even 3D effects, it depends on your sense of humour and your sense of financial potential.

If you start with the door, there is nothing easier than building a home. If there is a hall space, put some sofas or soft puff-cubes in there, so it is more convenient for you and your guests to take off the shoes and remove the shoes.

In the bedroom, however, small things make you feel comfortable in any room in the house. Here, the screen of multiple screens looks convenient, though it apparently hides the space, as this room requires dusk and closeness. The bedroom is a room where you like to hang in as many corners as possible. If you cover the "soft" pattern with a sticky satin cover, a bed with straight angles may be too soft.

In the bedroom you can deny the moonlight in the middle of the ceiling, soft, fading light is more appropriate here. Two table lamps or on

And here you need bright light at any time of day or night. A large window and lamps around the entire enclosure of the kitchen are welcomed, which should be on the work surface, basically.

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Bathrooms and bedrooms
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There should be two or three shelves in the bathroom. The length will help to arrange for original towel holders, floor mats, as well as sleek spring stickers that you can choose from.

Living room
It is a place where you can showcase all your ideas and feel at home with your own hands. After all, the living room is usually an entertaining area for all house parties. It's important not to have too much space and space where - it should be enough for everyone. Soft cotton carpet, comfortable armchair, cushion - this is a comfortable home that is impossible. The main thing is not to overdo it.

How do children find comfort in where they live? This is a burning problem for children of different ages. Even children in their own homes are adults who love to play, so often the sitting room becomes the place to abandon almost all of the baby's toys. Allocate space for games, have a puzzle mat, and have a basket for baskets.

The fiery fire always creates a festive and mysterious atmosphere, and the muffled light only enhances the overall effect. A fire extinguisher is light, somewhat rugged, and the light of fire falls on the comfortable carpet, comfortable soft armchairs ... romance.

If you can't afford a real fireplace in your home, who is stopping you from imitating it? Pull the space you need to a wall - and start building! Here is a small master class for creating a fireplace outside the ordinary cardboard box.

Take lots of different carbon boxes of different sizes and square them. Tap the box with Scotch tape. Protect them with wallpaper with a brick image, or they can now attach your fireplace to the wall - and voila - a nice imitation of the mantelpiece. Shining with a different light, it will completely replace the natural source of nature, and in the mantelpiece, you can place pictures in the frame, kiss lively animals or arrange on a family chimney.

Remove it and attach it to the wall above the fireplace, with your family sign. So your home will have a special personality and charm.

System "Fly Lady"
The main rule of a comfortable environment is cleanliness. Even if renowned designers make their home furnishings and famous construction companies have created ideas, dirt and dust in the home, they will ruin the whole impression of great renovation. Many housewives have taken "fly-lady" measures for health.

It cleans about 15 minutes a day. After all, cleanliness and comfort at home are not always a condition of the Titanic effort. The whole area of ​​the house is usually divided into zones, and each day you become aware of an area of ​​the zone. As a result, the system will inevitably lead to uninterrupted cleaning of the house and you will not spend the entire weekend until the problem is resolved.

Furthermore, much so-called life hacks for cleanliness (and this is a secret of comfort in the home), which greatly helps the life of the householder. For example, we all know that especially tasty kitchen dust and dust constantly accumulate on the top surface of kitchen cabinets, which takes a lot of effort to remove. If you cover your lockers with a transparent clipping film on top, you will see how much is being cleaned in this room. After all, your malicious image needs to be changed regularly to the new image. With the same film, you can cover the interior of the kitchen cabinets, which will help reduce the time of cleaning the kitchen. In general, almost any housewife has her own privacy and one can provide comfort at home to maintain cleanliness at home.

On the glass and mirror surface, use a solution of ammonia. As you plan to remove water dust, add a little fabric softener. Then the dust will not bother you for long and the house will smell sweet after cleaning.

But try not to overdo it with purity, as the museum completely ruins the elegance of a sterile home. When managing guest boot covers and keeping an eye on what they touched, you never risk seeing someone at home without a completely clear mirror of your own reflection.

In the environment
Perhaps the most important rule of a comfortable home is not the decoration or the objects, but the environment created by the people environment. Happy, friendly host, enthusiastic guest, delicious food, laughter, good conversation - that's what makes any home environment.

And don't forget the smell! The unpleasant odour will ruin all your efforts, so do not give them a chance to go to your apartment. All distances to walls, floors and ceilings should be explored, so you will be free of the stimulating basement odour or amber that comes from neighbours.

Fresh cakes, coffee and cinnamon are aromatic in the cosy home kitchen and light floral notes are a priority in the living room, and the bathroom and toilet also have a new aroma with citrus or pine needle notes. Modern air fresheners will hinder any of its activities.

In the kitchen, you can keep a small picture made using coffee, cinnamon, dried lemon, thus creating a subtle aromatic odour. Flower petals not only support the aromatic environment, but they can also become a stylish part of the interior.

Follow these tips and keep your home beautiful.

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