Sunday, September 22, 2019

What is the advantage of meditation? Excellent stress control effect!

When and how did you encounter meditation and breathing?

I started practising meditation 14 years ago. At that time, when I moved from Seoul to Seoul, I had to adapt to the new environment and forced my two children to work harder. They are sensitive and have lived together for 8 years or on weekends and together. I was unable to contact anyone at home or at work, and in stressful situations, I had problems with the joints of my jaw. I opened my mouth so long that I could not eat or talk. I kept my car 'crisis of my life' healthy and started training in breathing and meditation. I was trained for 2 weeks and my jaw joint felt better.

How did you feel while meditating and breathing?

The best thing about meditation is that I can control myself. In general, if you are angry or stressed, you may have shortness of breath and fever. Breathing and meditation help you control yourself to calm this energy. Going to the mountains for hours after hours will make you feel refreshed and happy. I also love hiking, but I can't travel every day in my busy life. Instead, I can say that I experience the same effect of hiking by concentrating on myself, breathing and meditating briefly. The first chance after the meditation was the marked improvement in my health. And the couple's fights have subsided.

Now that the practice of breathing and meditation has become a routine, I just use it for meetings and work time while travelling by train. By doing this you can actively control the progression of your stress. Even if you work hard, working more efficiently you can continue to charge your battery when it is wasted.

Do you have to resonate to create a good meditation-based health aspect index as stress control?

Another thing to achieve through meditation is to recover every 'special mind' that is between me and me. The idea is always to try to help someone. If you are overwhelmed by stress, you will miss it, but with breath and meditation, you will see life coming to life whenever you are calm. It created harmonious and seamless relationships with people in the family and at work. When the family is at home, massage the heart first. At work, we use meditation sessions with our colleagues to create a healthier and brighter workplace. The better you feel, the more you will laugh and the more difficult things will encourage them.

The crisis in my life has now turned into my life and the happiness of my life. Breathing meditation has helped me to improve my body and mind, calming my relationships and making my work happy.

-Do you want meditation to be used in our society?

I have always been interested in meditation practice for myself and those around me, so I have become a brain trainer in writing or lecturing about meditation. I think that breathing and meditation are important ways to develop the talent that leads our society. Talent is one that makes you and the other happy. If breathing meditation can make people happier and closer, aren't they real people? Meditation is no secret. The brain is a phenomenon in the brain as evidenced by science. Breathing meditation restores the state of the brain that makes us happy and peaceful and builds the brain's energy to transmit it to others. I have been busy with special education to help students with disabilities. I worked in a school for the blind and taught breathing and meditation. Students who are blind to thinking are very frustrated and emotionally anxious.

Recently, school violence has become a concern for the whole society. I hope that older students will be able to teach breathing meditation to those who are not able to control their emotions well. If you are angry and know how to control yourself in a negative situation, do not play well with yourself or upset yourself. At the same time, I think you can be a great person for finding the heart of Hankik and practising how it helps everyone.


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